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Public Attributes

SciPlotPart Struct Reference

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Public Attributes

int alloc_drawlist
int alloc_plotlist
int axisFont
int AxisFont
int BackgroundColor
int ChartType
Colormap cmap
Pixel * colors
GC dashGC
GC defaultGC
Boolean Degrees
Boolean DrawMajor
Boolean DrawMajorTics
Boolean DrawMinor
Boolean DrawMinorTics
int ForegroundColor
int labelFont
int LabelFont
int LegendLineSize
int LegendMargin
int MajorTicSize
int Margin
realpair Max
realpair Min
int num_colors
int num_drawlist
int num_fonts
int num_plotlist
char * plotTitle
real PolarScale
Boolean ScaleToFit
Boolean ShowLegend
Boolean ShowTitle
Boolean ShowXLabel
Boolean ShowYLabel
Font TitleFID
int titleFont
int TitleFont
int TitleMargin
char * TransientPlotTitle
char * TransientXLabel
char * TransientYLabel
Boolean update
realpair UserMax
realpair UserMin
SciPlotAxis x
Boolean XAutoScale
void(* XFmtCallback )(Widget w, float f, char *s)
char * xlabel
Boolean XLog
Boolean XOrigin
SciPlotAxis y
Boolean YAutoScale
char * ylabel
Boolean YLog
Boolean YOrigin

Detailed Description

Definition at line 178 of file SciPlotP.h.

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